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Healthy Restaurants in Barcelona


Everybody, after the excesses committed during the Christmas Season is intending to improve their diet or healthy life, recover their weight or enroll to a gym.

But you keep thinking how to survive fast and quick the holiday party season.  Here you have some tips to start:

5 Tips for Starting 2019 the Healthy Way:

  1. Clean your fridge of temptations.
  2. Fill your home with healthy food, food with good nutrients.
  3. Plan your weekly meals, avoiding the mess up and disorganization.
  4. Start physical activity: walk to work, climb stairs instead lifts.
  5. Focus more in changing bad habits than losing weight.

​Have success in this year full of amazing changes for your health!

Even though, this plan looks like boring and tough to start 2019, you also can have a lively social life if you know where you have to go to eat. The healthy life is not only exercise and fill the fridge with veggies.

In Barcelona, generally, it’s quite easy to eat healthy. Here you have  the best healthy restaurants where you can still keeping you good habits and don’t feel guilty.

5 Healthy Restaurants in Barcelona:

  • FLAX & KALE:

Flax & Kale is the first Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant in Barcelona which means that the menu is mostly plant based. They have a wide range of super healthy dishes and a fantastic selection of juices and smoothies, also take away. As well, they offer  a good selection of organic wines, a great breakfast menu that includes items made from wholemeal flours in their inhouse bakery.

Flax and Kale Restaurant
Flax&Kale, Carrer dels Tallers 74B, Barcelona, Spain


  • WOKI Organic Market:

Woki Organic Market is an ecological restaurant inside a market where you can eat and buy 100% organic products. the menu entirely from seasonal products.

You can eat and buy ecological products at the same time.

Woki Organic Market
Woki Organic Market


WOKI Organic Market, Ronda Universitat 20,Barcelona, Spain


Bar Seco provides sustainable and environmentally friendly food. The staff has well-knowledge about organic and seasonal products (meat,grains, veggies) and the atmosphere is familiar, colourful and local.

Bar Seco Barcelona
Bar Seco Barcelona


Bar Seco, Passeig de Montjuïc 74, Barcelona, Spain


Not just their menu is made of ecological products, unless their interior is made of ecological materials. You can breathe social and ecological awareness in this place.  Their chefs focus on Mediterraan and freshly food.


Copasetic Restaurant
Copasetic Restaurant

Copasetic, Carrer de la Diputació 55, Barcelona, Spain


Lovely modern-looking vegetarian restaurant. Menus always are based on imaginative, tasty and nutritious dishes. Products are locally sourced and organic.

Atmospheres is relaxed and informal.


Aguaribay Restaurant
Aguaribay Restaurant

Aguaribay, Carrer del Taulat, 95, 08005, Barcelona, Spain


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Images: pixabay

Sources:, wikipedia

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